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How to pay influencers to advertise? Part I


Amina Gadjieva

Senior Marketing Manager

Since we just covered all the aspects that impact influencer marketing costs in our recent guide, it’s time to discuss 4 main pricing models that you, as a brand, can implement when paying content creators for promotion.

Yes, there is more than one! Influencer payments vary and can be different depending on the type of advertisement you do.


Single post fees


The most popular pricing model is a fee per post. Most brands prefer doing just a single post and paying a flat fee. It's easy, transparent, and fast. A single post means that a creator will publish only one content piece mentioning your brand. It can be an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter post, a YouTube or TikTok video, and so on.




From influencers’ perspective, this payment method gives them full transparency on how much brands will pay them even before the content is created. But from the brands’ side, this pricing model means a lack of proactiveness and creativity from creators because there is nothing that drives them to invest more thought in this collab.



Pay by campaign


Another type of influencer payment method is by the campaign. If you’re launching a new product or service it’s probably better to do a campaign with influencers rather than just a single post. What does it mean? It’s a series of posts or videos published by one creator. It can be before the launch and during, for example, to prepare the audience and generate more customers after the campaign started.




With this payment model you, as a brand, have content flexibility because you can literally create any package your product will benefit from. It can be a live stream + a couple of posts, or a series of videos on different platforms at once.


By paying by the campaign you, as a brand, have content flexibility because you can literally create any package your product will benefit from.


Here, the biggest benefit for brands is the price. Yes, overall it will be higher than for one post, but if you divide the total price by each content piece you’ll see that it’s cheaper than the average cost for an influencer post.

Stay tuned for part II :) 

Amina Gadjieva

Senior Marketing Manager

Amina is a Marketing Manager with a wide range of marketing skills. Previously she worked for international tech start-ups as a content specialist, social media and influencer manager. Her biggest passions - communications and visual art - help build strong relationships with creators and deliver selling content for brands.

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