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YouTube Shorts – An excellent online tool for brands and influencers


Hasani Arnold

Social Media Influencer

New channels that are entirely short videos have increased over the last three months on YouTube. These accounts attract viewers with fast, exciting videos that grab attention quickly. YouTube Channels like NileRed Shorts produces short one-minute videos about unique science facts or experiments. These accounts typically, but not always, have a long-form video counterpart where the creators post in-depth content. Case in point, NileRed also has a long-form video account where some of his videos can run over an hour in length. This trend shows the dualistic nature of YouTube, whereby some viewers only use the app for quick info or entertainment, while others for more engaging and intricate content. NileRed and NileRed Shorts have 4.2 million and 2.8 million subscribers, respectively, so it is clear there is an audience for both types of content on the platform. 




Potential content creators can consider branching out into short-form content or creating two YouTube Channels, one with long and the other with short videos. However, there has been an uptake in short video channels. YouTube channels like Win Everyday use this content creation style where it relies on the thoughts and speeches of others and makes mostly YouTube Shorts.


Caitlin Reilly is another example of an almost entirely short video channel. She repurposes her TikTok videos on YouTube Shorts and has attracted approximately 700,000 subscribers. Culture and language channels like My Korean Dic also repurpose their TikTok content for YouTube Shorts. 


Less work in creating short-form content may have prompted this trend. Nevertheless, the YouTube Shorts craze is familiar to many different niches across the platform, allowing creators to interact with YouTube in many different ways. Repurposing content from other social media platforms and relying heavily on short-form content is more common now than in the past.


Repurposing content from other social media platforms and relying heavily on short-form content is more common now than in the past.


YT Shorts are easily swipeable; they appear in a TikTok style where the user can continue swiping up to see more content, and similarly, often get many views and thus a great way to market products or services. However, rather than having a KOL make a 30 seconds short video about your service or product, a simple 10 to 15 seconds intro to your brand can be more valuable for the KOL’s audience. They would feel like the influencer is authentic and interact more with your brand.

In conclusion, YouTube shorts should not be overlooked as a valuable tool for creators and brands. And because this is a new feature on YouTube, brands, and creators can experiment as much as they would like to produce striking, long-lasting KOL-brand relationships.

Hasani Arnold

Social Media Influencer

Hasani Arnold received his bachelor’s degree from CUNY Hunter College and master’s from Tsinghua University Schwarzman College. He is an influencer on TikTok who has a following of 83K. His content is all China-related and ranges from things such as skits, social commentary, day-in-the-life vlogs, and language instruction. He has been featured in various blogs and third-party videos including Unilad, Unilad Adventure, and Klook. He has also appeared on Chinese television on variety shows.

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