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Brand story



Timekettle is a real-time translation technology company based in Shenzhen, China. They design and manufacture real-time translation earbuds.



What are Timekettle’s Pain Points?


Niche sectors - Timekettle wanted to increase brand awareness outside of Asia and target niche sectors like those interested in linguistics, expats, and world travel. 

Location - Although the KOLs were traveling and based throughout the world, it was important for Timekettle to reach American and European audiences.





We’ve been working with relay.club since June 2022. The team at relay.club has helped us to reach out to travel, linguistics, and expat influencers on YouTube and TikTok. Through relay.club we were able to find new and relevant creators to promote Timekettle.

Alex Qin, Timekettle Co-founder





How did relay.club solve Timekettle’s problem?


niche sectors - After talking with the customer to understand more about their needs and shape their brief - we created a few campaigns to group our outreach efforts - those focusing on N. America, on Europe, and even for tech influencers. 


location - Then, our influencer outreach managers used relay.club to search for KOLs around the world, but with a powerful fanbase in Timekettle’s target markets - U.S. and Europe. Through relay.club we found, contacted, and confirmed these niche creators on YouTube and TikTok.





What is the result?



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