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Brand story


XGIMI designs and manufactures high-performance multi-functional smart projectors and laser TVs. They are determined to improve the audio-visual experience of their users and have done this so far with innovative product concepts and partnering with companies like Harman/Kardon, Texas Instruments, Baidu, and Google.




What are XGIMI’s Pain Points?


Low KOL response rate:

XGIMI Technology is a fast growing projector brand based in China with expansive overseas operations. In order to achieve their exciting overseas marketing goals, the XGIMI team collected a list of YouTube KOLs they wanted to work with over the past few years, hoping to reach out to them to showcase their products through videos and help promote the product online.

In the past few years, XGIMI found that the response rate of these KOLs was extremely low at best, and none at worst.

XGIMI enlisted the help of relay.club to boost their response rate & get XGIMI projectors in the hands of creators they’d been trying to reach for years and get them talking about XGIMI on their videos.






We have been using relay.club on a weekly basis since April 2022. relay.club helps us to discover new and relevant influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Using relay.club is easy to manage and is collaborative – everything is stored in one place so we can have our whole team using it. Through relay.club, we’ve been able to more accurately find influencers and reduce the time wasted on reaching out to influencers that aren’t a good fit.

Justin Lui, Overseas Marketing Director, XGIMI






How did relay.club solve XGIMI’s problem?


Increase KOL response rate:

relay.club crafted personal emails to XGIMI’s “hit list” of YouTubers, creating personal connections and punching through the noise of standard KOL marketing.





What is the result?


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