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relay.club is an influencer management platform that provides a complete solution for innovative brands and businesses to connect with talented influencers.

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Why choose us

Key Features

Discover millions of influencers

Using our recommendation algorithm, find the perfect influencer based on their followers, location, audience demographic and topics.

Manage your campaigns from start to finish.

Centralized and complete campaign management for your influencer marketing initiatives.

Hassle free payments

Pay your influencers through relay.club, and avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple invoices and payments.

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Choose a plan that works best for you

We'll do a free demo before you sign up!

Saas Basic Pricing Plan for relay club

SaaS Basic

Limited offer till 31/09/2022!

  • Access to 2 out of 3 platforms
  • Access to all platforms
  • Search over 170 million+ influencers
  • 350 unlocked profiles per month
  • 3x campaigns per month
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 1x seats
Saas + Pricing Plan for relay club


Limited offer till 31/09/2022!

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Access to all platforms
  • Search over 170 million+ influencers
  • 500 unlocked profiles per month
  • 5x campaigns per month
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 3x seats

Get in touch to receive a product demo.

We'll provide a live demo based on your product, brand and customers.

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